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LA Knight vs. Finn Balor

We see the first-ever Firefly Fun House in the latest tribute video for Bray Wyatt. We shoot live backstage and see LA Knight walking the hall ways as he prepares to head to the ring for the main event against Finn Balor.

As he does, we head to a commercial break. When we return, we see footage of LA Knight interfering in Miz’s match with Akira Tozawa on Raw. We then see TMZ Sports’ interview with The Miz where he vows Knight won’t make it to WrestleMania if he keeps disrespecting him.

Back live, the radio screeches and the theme for LA Knight hits. The entire crowd erupts and stands on their feet as “The Mega Star” makes his way out and settles into the squared circle for our main event of the evening.

Knight gets on the mic and says he’ll get to The Miz in a second, but from what he can tell, tonight is about Bray Wyatt. He brings up the fans showing the “Fireflies” at the start of the show. He talks about great foes being great helpers. He says he and Bray Wyatt went through hell and through that, what Wyatt was really doing was getting him ready for anything.

He says he was doing good keeping it together until he saw photos of him and his family and that got to him. He says everyone can feel the spirit of Bray Wyatt in this building. The fans chant “Thank you Bray!” Knight says it as well.

From there, he switches gears and says, “Let me talk to ya!” He then brings up Miz’s interview with TMZ Sports. He says if he’s a fad, he’s okay with that, because Miz never was — no one ever cared about him. He says when he had a stunt double, he played second fiddle to him. Even when he was champion, he was a background story to the real main event of The Rock and John Cena.

LA Knight finishes by saying a wise man once told him, “The next time you see me … run!” On that note, we shift gears and see Bray’s Extreme Return as another tribute clip before heading into another commercial break.

When we return from the break, Michael Cole, Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves confirm John Cena and Jimmy Uso’s return for next week’s SmackDown, as well as Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar vs. Grayson Waller & Austin Theory. They also announce LA Knight vs. The Miz for WWE Payback 2023.

In the arena, Finn Balor’s theme hits and he makes his way out for tonight’s main event. The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one. We see Knight jump into the early offensive lead. He takes Balor out to the floor and repeatedly bounces his head off the commentary desk.

The action resumes in the ring where Knight heads to the top, but Balor sweeps his legs out from under him and he crashes and burns — bad. On that note, we shift gears and head into a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the break, we see Balor working over Knight, who he eventually hits with his trademark Sling Blade spot. Knight fights back and starts going at Balor again, but this doesn’t last long, as Balor sweeps him down and stomps on his chest. He hits a running drop kick into the corner.

Balor heads to the top-rope looking for his Coup de Grace, but Knight moves just in time. Knight fires up on offense after hitting Balor with a big power slam and playing to the crowd. Seconds later, Knight finishes off Balor for what the commentators call the biggest win of his career.

Winner: LA Knight

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The Miz is backstage waiting to do a photo shoot. He thinks this place is a dump and he’s ready to get out of here. A production assistant tells Miz he will have to wait for his photo shoot. Miz asks why and the camera looks over to LA Knight posing for photos. Miz it not happy with this. Miz says this guy wins one Battle Royal and now this. Miz refuses to wait on LA… he walks off and heads out to tell Adam Pearce about this.

The Miz makes his way to the ring. We’ll hear from him next.

Replays are shown of some highlights from the Slim Jim SummerSlam Battle Royal. LA Knight eliminated The Miz before eliminating Sheamus to win the match.

The Miz is standing in the ring and doesn’t look happy. Miz asks if he’s missing something. Is something going on in his head? What happened to showing industry leaders like him proper respect? He comes to Monday Night Raw to find a guy that the crowd loves in LA Knight (YEAH). Miz is a veteran and locker room leader. When he first came to WWE a long time ago, he was taught respect. When you come into the locker room, you introduce yourself and shake hands with those that paved the way for you. LA Knight didn’t just throw him over the top rope, he didn’t introduce himself to the Miz or shake his hand. Miz is sick and tired of the lack of respect.

LA Knight comes out to a HUGE ovation! Knight stands in the ring and listens to the crowd buzzing for him. Knight says, “Lemme talk to you!” Knight says he thought they had a great introduction in the Battle Royal at SummerSlam, but if that didn’t work, he’ll introduce himself with everyone saying, “LA Knight, YEAH!” Knight extends a hand, but Miz says, “No.” Knight doesn’t deserve to shake his hand. Miz says he’s seen superstars like Knight come into WWE trying to ride his coattails. If you take away from the Miz, taking away everything, you get LA Knight. Knight is a flash in the pan, the flavor of the month. The people love him now and for the next five months because he’s it. Knight is just an Attitude Era fanboy playing cosplay in his ring.

A “Tiny Balls” chant picks up. Knight surmises there will be no handshake and warns Miz not to take this personally. Miz says he’s taken everything personally since the beginning of his career when he was thrown out of the locker room. Miz has been doing this for twenty years. What has Knight done? Knight surmises this is personal. Knight has been making himself a dangerous man for twenty years. He’s been clawing and scratching, doing all the right things from the outside looking in as the company put their money behind the wrong horses, The Miz included. Knight waited for the right opening. Here is Miz with a twenty-year headstart. Miz got that headstart because he’s safe. They knew they could smack him around and kick him out of the locker room. Miz took it. The line for Knight is they weren’t ready to take a chance on him yet. He’s a dangerous man. They knew if you wanted to smack him around and kick him out of the locker room that it wouldn’t work. That’s the difference between them. Still, Miz became a champion many times over. Good on him. Now Miz’s career is in the damn toilet and Knight is on the climb. If Miz wants to make this personal, he doesn’t mind making him a stepping stone.

Knight will walk over Miz to the main event where he belongs. Miz says he is the main event. Knight is not on his level. Knight says he’s looking him in the eyes. If he’s not on Miz’s level, he can prove him wrong. Miz takes off his jacket. Knight prepares for a fight. An “LA Knight” chant picks up. Miz goes to get his jacket before throwing it in Knight’s face. Miz attacks Knight and goes for a Skull Crushing Finale, but Knight counters into Blunt Force Trauma. Miz, knocked unconscious by the BFT, has his hand shaken by Knight. Knight walks off.

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25-Man SummerSlam Battle Royal: WWE United States Champion Austin Theory, AJ Styles, LA Knight, Sheamus, Butch, Ridge Holland, Matt Riddle, Chad Gable, Otis, Santos Escobar, Shinsuke Nakamura, The Miz, Grayson Waller, Karrion Kross, Tommaso Ciampa, Cameron Grimes, Ivar, Erik, Ludwig Kaiser, Giovanni Vinci, JD McDonagh, Apollo Crews, Rick Boogs, Omos

We go back to the ring for the 25-Man Slim Jim SummerSlam Battle Royal and out comes The Miz while Mike Rome does the introductions. The ring is filled up with Superstars already. Out next comes LA Knight to a huge pop. AJ Styles is out next to a pop. Cole sends us to a video package on the history of Battle Royals in WWE.

The bell hits and everyone gets ready to fight but MVP interrupts and says we can’t start without the winner being introduced. The music hits and out comes Omos. The match kicks off and everyone goes at it while Omos strolls to the ring.

Omos tosses Apollo Crews, then JD McDonagh. Rick Boogs attacks Omos but gets beat down, then eliminated. Several people team up on Omos but he ends up fighting them off. Ivar works on Cameron Grimes. Imperium eliminates Otis, then Chad Gable attacks them. Gable eliminates Giovanni Vinci. Erik drops Gable. Shinsuke Nakamura works on AJ. Tommaso Ciampa eliminates Ivar, then Erik. Nakamura and Ciampa go at it. Nakamura is eliminated after Willow’s Bell.

Bronson Reed attacks and eliminates Ciampa. WWE United States Champion Austin Theory eliminates Ridge Holland, then Grimes. Santos Escobar eliminates Theory. Karrion Kross eliminates Santos. Ludwig Kaiser works on Gable but he hangs on. Gable eliminates Kaiser to a pop. Butch and Matt Riddle double team Omos but Omos powers up and eliminates both at once.

Omos smashes AJ in the corner, drops Kross, powerbombs Gable and slams Grayson Waller. Fans pop as LA attacks Omos but Omos drops him. They all take turns on Omos now. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick and AJ with a Phenomenal Forearm. They all eliminate Omos and he’s not happy. Waller and Miz team up now. They toss LA but he hangs on. LA eliminates Miz to a big pop. Sheamus eliminates Waller.

Sheamus and LA have words but Reed drops them. AJ eliminates Kross. Reed eliminates Gable. We’re down to Sheamus, AJ, LA and Reed. LA and Reed go at it now. LA eliminates Reed to a big pop. Sheamus drops AJ, then LA. AJ dodges a Brogue and drops Sheamus. Kross grabs AJ’s leg from the floor, allowing Sheamus to eliminate AJ with a Brogue.

LA drops Sheamus and hits his big elbow drop to a pop. They go at it and LA sends Sheamus to the apron but Sheamus stuns him with the rope. Sheamus goes up top but LA jumps up and launches him to the mat with a super belly-to-belly suplex. LA then tosses Sheamus to the floor for the final elimination.

Winner: LA Knight

– After the match, fans pop big as LA stands tall. The music hits and we go to replays. LA continues posing for the crowd and celebrating the win.

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WWE SmackDown kicks off with LA Knight walking down to the ring to a loud pop. He says SummerSlam is the biggest party of the summer and he looks ahead and he sees a 25 man battle royal. And he thinks of the different competitors that might be in it. LA Knight calls the competitors a group of stooges, yeah.

He says every one has a chance, even The Miz. But he looks at Sheamus and he thinks about the business that happens tonight. He says Sheamus has done it all, a champion. But he hasn’t been beaten by someone with every one saying LA Knight… Yeah!

Out comes Sheamus with Ridge Holland and Butch to the ring.

LA Knight vs. Sheamus with Ridge Holland and Butch

The bell rings and we are under way. The fans chant “LA Knight” as he stares at them. A knee by Sheamus brings boos from the fans. A head lock by Sheamus as he runs to the ropes and he knocks LA Knight down with a shoulder block. Sheamus to the ropes but LA Knight with an elbow to the face. LA Knight stomps on Sheamus in the corner but the referee breaks it up. LA Knight to the ropes and both men collide and fall to the outside of the ring.

Out comes Santos Escobar, The Miz, Grayson Waller, Karrion Kross with Scarlett and AJ Styles with Michi. LA Knight and Sheamus continue to fight but on the ring apron. Sheamus gets LA Knight on his back and hits him with White Noise.

Back from commercial, both men with right hands. Sheamus to the ropes but LA Knight with a slam. LA Knight runs to the ropes and hits a jumping elbow drop. LA Knight lifts Sheamus up on his shoulders and he slams Sheamus face first onto the mat. He goes for the cover but Sheamus kicks out.

LA Knight goes for the BFT but Sheamus rolls him up for the cover but LA Knight kicks out. Sheamus with the Irish Curse Backbreaker. He lifts LA Knight up on his shoulders and gets on the second rope and hits him with the White Noise. He goes for the cover but LA Knight kicks out. Sheamus gets LA Knight in the Texas cloverleaf but LA Knight gets to the ropes.

Sheamus climbs the top rope but LA Knight jumps onto the top rope but both men slip and fall to the outside of the ring. The wrestlers at ringside begin to argue and out comes Theory and he knocks Santos Escobar down. The wrestlers brawl on the outside of the ring. Sheamus and LA Knight are back in the ring. Sheamus grabs The Miz and drags him onto the ring apron and hits him with the 10 Beats of the Bodhran. LA Knight rolls Sheamus up but Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but LA Knight moves out of the way and he hits The Miz. LA Knight hits him with the BFT. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: LA Knight

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