Hit Row are in the ring about to rap and LA Knight’s music hits. A loud pop from the crowd and they chant “Yeah”. LA Knight says “let me talk to ya” as the fans chant “LA Knight”.

He says he knew Will Smith was in the game but he didn’t know uncle Phil became a rapper. He says “who’s hotta than Top Dolla? Well, alota alota”. LA Knight tells them that the way B-Fab is looking at him, she has a tingle in her loans and she is horny. But business before pleasure. And the business is with Ashante. A lot of people claim to be undeniable and inevitable but he lives it. And he can be the next to get dropped on his head by the mega star with everybody saying “LA Knight… Yeah”.

LA Knight vs. Ashante

The bell rings and we are under way. Ashanta with right hands and he distracts the referee. Top Dolla with a cheap shot on LA Knight. Ashante goes for the cover but LA Knight kicks out. Ashante goes for a splash in the corner but LA Knight moves out of the way and he hits Ashante with a neck breaker. Top Dolla gets on the ring apron but LA Knight knocks him down with a right hand. LA Knight with a power slam onto Ashante and he hits him with a big elbow followed by the BFT. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: LA Knight

Michael Cole announces a SummerSlam Battle Royal with both Raw and SmackDown superstars. We cut backstage with Adam Pearce talking on the phone about the SummerSlam Battle Royal.

In comes LA Knight. He tells Pearce that after last week’s debacle, he is looking at the biggest mistep by not having the biggest rising star in WWE history at SummerSlam. If he wants the SummerSlam Battle Royal to mean something, he should have LA Knight in it. In come The Brawling Brutes. Sheamus tells Pearce to tell LA Knight that at the SummerSlam Battle Royal, he will have to fight like his life depends on it. Because they only produce bangers after bangers after bangers after bangers. LA Knight tells Sheamus he will get banged on the head and Pearce announces both of them in the SummerSlam Battle Royal. And that they will go one on one next week on SmackDown.

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