Blair Davenport says she is bothering her and with time, she will know exactly who she is. Blir leaves the office and Aldis tells Naomi her match is on. In comes LA Knight who asks Aldis if AJ is really going to retire an Aldis says he doesn’t know. LA Knight says he can’t find Logan Paul and Aldis tells him to take a seat.

Out comes LA Knight from Nick’s office and Kayla Braxton is there waiting. She stops him and he tells Kayla that Nick did not have much for him, the only thing he had for him was that Logan Paul is not there this week. And that just means he will talk to her next week. Wrong. Because he is here tonight and what that means is that if he’s not going to get the answer he wants, he will tell Logan Paul what he wants. He tells Logan that he wants that United States Championship.

In comes Carmelo Hayes and he says LA Knight does a lot of talking but is never saying anything. He tells him why Logan would want to face him and not a first round draft pick. Hayes says Logan knows ball and LA Knight is not that. If he wants to talk the talk, LA Knight is the guy but if he wants to walk the walk, Carmelo Hayes is him.

AJ Styles is walking backstage and LA Knight stops him. He says if the rumors are true, respect. AJ nods at him and continues walking. Cody Rhodes stops him, they shake hands and AJ whispers something into Cody’s ear. AJ keeps walking and is stopped by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. They all hug and AJ tells them they have been through it all with him and it is only fair that they are out there with him tonight.

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